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Conan Atlantean Sword #3

Ok, so we have spoke of this before. This film was made in 1980 and unleashed the one and only ARNOLD onto an unsuspecting movie audience. He flexed and bulged his way through the beautifully choreographed fight scenes with an awesome cinematic operatic score building behind him as he swung this particular blade through anyone that seriously p*ssed him off. The story made next to no sense and no one involved was ever going to win an Oscar for their acting, but what pose, what grace, what freakin huge MUSCLES!!! Oh and what a Freaking COOL SWORD!!!!

An exact replica of the sword used on screen in the classic Conan the Barbarian, this sword is very well made with extreme details, This is an essential piece to add to any fantasy collection. This sword's blade, manufactured from 440 stainless steel, is finished with a very even and attractive mirror polish finish. Also included is a free wooden display. Overall Length: 39 Inches

Did you realise ARNOLD kept one of these in his office whilst he was the Governator in California? NO? Well know you do!

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