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LoTR - Gimlis Helmet

OK so we all know that there is a lot of fuss being made about a band of short hairy man running about stirring up trouble concerning one oversized lizard that has a fiery disposition. But before all that....well actually after all that as they see things ...but before, in our terms, (unless you know how to read books!!) there was this other short hairy fellow that ran about in much the same manner, called Gimli.(That was in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for those of you that could not follow my brilliant segway) and like most dwarves he has a hat …er… helmet...and here it is!

Its - a - hat! You - puts- it - on - your - head! Its about yay big and a bit taller (one size fits most)

  • Leather cap inside.
  • Metal Stand NOT AN OFFICALLY LICENCED REPLICA (but still very nice though!!)

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