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LoTR Théoden's Sword

Théoden is the King of Rohan. When we first see him he is having a bad hair day! In fact he looks very much like he escaped from one of Peter Jackson's earlier films (perhaps the Frightners?) but thankfully good old Gandalf is there to give him a quick haircut and manicure and have Théoden looking good as new and more Kingly in appearance. One thing leads to another, as it inevitably does in these sorts of stories, and the King has to ride forth and defend the people from all manner of foul beasts etc. Which kinda brings us to this here sword .....cos its what he used see?

Loverly steel sword with zinc metal details. Looks like its been lifted straight from Battle of the Pelennor Fields except that someone took the time to wipe off all the blood and gore ande give it a good clean. About yay long (holds Hands about 1.2m apart) and comes with a backing board.

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