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Dwarf Battle Staff

Not to be confused with having a number of employees to do your fighting for you! This is a solid metal walking stick....yes thats it ...a walking stick...that allows you to walk freely without pain, and enforce your iron will upon those you come across whilst doing so. So basicalll this is a steel rod with a hefty weight attached which is great for playing softball, rounders, and occasionally smashing in the skull of your enemy (not that we here at TT would condone such actions in this politcally correct world) Yes it might appear to be a bit short if you are a giant like me, but then it's for Dwarfs isn't it? (actually it feels fine even for normal folks over 6 foot!!)

Dwarf Battle Staff Overall Length: 46 " (117cm) Weight: 2.8 kg Metal Handle with threaded head.

Product code: 89055

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Tags: Fantasy; Historical; Hobbit

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