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Aerondight Sword Geralt of Rivia Witcher

OK so confession is suppoed to be good for the soul, so here goes. I actually have never played or even watch any gameplay from Witcher. While you pick yourself up from the floor with that particular piece of information I have to say that heaps of folks have been asking for a sword from this game, and guess what? I listened! So here it is.

Overall Length: 45.75 Inches Blade Length: 33.375 Inches Blade: Stainless Steel, Polished, Claymore Profile Guard: Solid Aluminum Alloy, Anodized Handle: Solid Wood, Red Faux Leather Wrapping Tang: Full Tang, Steel Welded Pommel: Solid Aluminum Alloy, Anodized Includes: Free Leather Sheath & Belt Loop

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