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This Lancer is a powerful warrrior with a lethal spear. When she isn't busy battling demons, she is resting comfortably atop her display base with lance in hand. This 1:7 scale statue features a removable cape and skirt, to reveal her in skimpy clothing!

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She's out to conquer! From its Creators' Labo, Yamato presents its latest master works that bring together the talents of famed illustrator Shunya Yamashita and master sculptor Sunny Day of Cerberus Project TM. Emaretta-Chan stands approximately 9 1/2-inches tall in a black outfit. The striking, PVC statue comes with themed weaponry and an amazing display base, packaged in a collector-style window box. Conquer your inhibitions and add this remarkable piece to your shelf!

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This stunning statue from the Fantasy Figure Gallery is "The Touch of Ice" by Luis Royo. Masterfully sculpted by Shunjii Hagii, Royo's work is brought to life as never before. Every detail, every crease, every fold is rendered with such exquisite precision that one can almost reach out and touch the supple flesh of this ethereal beauty! Hinatunaone, Woman of the Sands. That is what he named her. Drawn by his own hand from the sands of a distant land, she appeared at once, adorned as if waiting ever vigilant for her creator, her mate to come, yet at the same time invaded by a sense of privilege... and a touch of ice. Oh and did you notice ....shes nearly naked!!!?

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Yamato Usa Fantasy Figure Golden Lover Statue, This is apsolutely georgeous a stunning woman and serpent dragon sculpture of Julie Bell,s "Golden Lover."

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Golden Eagle Wonder Woman Shield

The MUST have for the avid fan. The shield features the coat of arms, featuring a royal Lion.

Your Precious!! Awesome plush from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ! Gollum doesn't look happy to be a plush. This Gollum Plush features the foul-tempered and freaky little guy as a plush. Spend your time in asking riddles in the dark.

Clearance - Was $ 28 Now $ 17


An Officially Licensed product. Lord of the Rings Orc Plush. Now you can cuddle up with a nefarious creature from The Lord of the Rings trilogy with this adorable Orc plush! Measures approximately 7-inches tall. Order yours today!

Clearance - Was $ 28 Now $ 17


OK so we all know that there is a lot of fuss being made about a band of short hairy man running about stirring up trouble concerning one oversized lizard that has a fiery disposition. But before all that....well actually after all that as they see things ...but before, in our terms, (unless you know how to read books!!) there was this other short hairy fellow that ran about in much the same manner, called Gimli.(That was in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for those of you that could not follow my brilliant segway) and like most dwarves he has a hat …er… helmet...and here it is!

Red Son Wonder Woman Shield,