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Ok, so we have spoke of this before. This film was made in 1980 and unleashed the one and only ARNOLD onto an unsuspecting movie audience. He flexed and bulged his way through the beautifully choreographed fight scenes with an awesome cinematic operatic score building behind him as he swung this particular blade through anyone that seriously p*ssed him off. The story made next to no sense and no one involved was ever going to win an Oscar for their acting, but what pose, what grace, what freakin huge MUSCLES!!! Oh and what a Freaking COOL SWORD!!!!

We can discuss endlessly why this film tanked at the box office. It had a lot going for it, the history of the story should (or could) have offered support and the cast was not too shabby although I did find Lynn Collins easier on the eyes than Taylor Kitsch (But thats just my opinion) Anyhoo, the story lines were somewhat convoluted but the battle scene engaging enough whuich brings us to the topic of this sword (nice segue aye!) Oooh look its shiney and sharp!!

@@@ NEW REDUCED PRICE @@@ OK these swords are LEGENDARY! From the heart-warming story of bloody vengeance wherein the sweet Bride seeks payback on those what wronged her bad, comes these babies. Forged by the Samurai Sword smith Hattori Hanzō, they are said to be the finest blades he ever made. If you are a fan of the Movies (and who isn’t?) then collecting these is a must. You get all three sword and there is no need to fight Bud, or Elle or Bill to get hold of them. And you must know that concidering she knows the Five-Point-Palm Exploding-Heart-Technique, getting the Brides sword was never gonna happen anyways!!

The sword Strider wears when he first meets the Hobbits at the Prancing pony. Famed for his tracking and bushcraft Aragorn has renounced his birthright as King of Gondor and led a simple (yet exciting) life as a Ranger. Of course he has the added advantage of living a bit longer than most and has already had a memorable meeting with a certain young Elven Princess. In case you hav'nt seen the extended DVD and comentaries this was the sword Viggo Mortensen carried about with him all the time and was stopped by the Police while doing so. Well this is a replica of understand.

Théoden is the King of Rohan. When we first see him he is having a bad hair day! In fact he looks very much like he escaped from one of Peter Jackson's earlier films (perhaps the Frightners?) but thankfully good old Gandalf is there to give him a quick haircut and manicure and have Théoden looking good as new and more Kingly in appearance. One thing leads to another, as it inevitably does in these sorts of stories, and the King has to ride forth and defend the people from all manner of foul beasts etc. Which kinda brings us to this here sword .....cos its what he used see?

Forged in the pits of hell (well at least those below the once beautiful gardens of Isengard) this ugly blade was created for one purpose (to kill) by the Orcs working with Saruman, who orders the destruction of the forests surrounding Isengard to build weapons of war and create an elite Orc army called the Uruk-hai.

Firefly Serenity based blade,one of the blades used by River Tam.

Kahless is a messianic figure in Klingon history, unified the Klingon people and became the first Klingon emperor. The Klingon's most important symbol of leadership, Kahless said that Klingons should fight not just to shed blood, but to enrich the spirit. Kahless united the empire some 1,500 years ago after fighting and killing the tyrant Molor with the first bat’leth, or “Sword of Honor.” He fashioned the sword with his own hands, by dropping a lock of his hair into the lava from the Kris’tak Volcano and twisting it into a blade.

Star Trek Volkoth Simikath with backing board.