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A Batman Symbol Die-Cut Black Stainless Steel Ring.

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There are a number of ways to obtain one of these but purchasing this one from us means you dont have to get you a*se handed to you by Guy Gardiner. Straight from the pages of the DC comics classic Green Lantern Corps mag comes the 'Honor Guard' ring.

Patriotic Super-soldier and long-time leader of the Avengers, Captain America has one of the most distinctive shields out there; and it's nigh-on indestructible!

Rose painted this everywhere even on the Tardus’s door by the look of this.

Calling Doctor Who Please Help us.

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Just in case you had forgotten Doctor Who is proudly backed by the British.

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Don’t you just love Doctor Who’s technical terminology

The Final Fantasy XIII Symbol in a pendant.

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Wear this School of Hogwarts Crest pendant to show that you really aren’t a Muggle.

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For all you Bag End fans this one’s for you.