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WONDERFLEX JUMBO (on sale 30% down)

Never heard of WONDERFLEX®, well you soon will! WONDERFLEX® is an awesome material for making costumes and accessories that has unique properties. It is thermoplastic, which means it can be heated and molded into a shape and once it cools down it will hold that shape. In addition it has its own adhesive so will bond easily to itself and other materials. The really neat thing is if you make a mistake, just heat it up again and you can reset it. Oh and the activation temperature is about 70-80 degrees C so not scorching hot and that makes it easier to work with (no gloves see!!) It can be painted and just about anything can be made from it if you have the time and creativity to do so.

WONDERFLEX® Large (on sale 30% down)

Same Stuff as the Jumbo just smaller. fantastic for making Cosplay Armor.

WONDERFLEX® Medium (on sale 30% down)

just right for a Mask or Ears and Claws or even a dagger for your costume!

WONDERFLEX® Small (on sale 30% down)

Awesome Creative Potential for the smaller project.