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*** Massive saving under Half Price*** This is Seifer's blade in FF8. Hyperion is the greek Titan of light, brother of Cronos and uncle of Zeus. He fought against his nephew in the wars between the Titans and the Olympians and was eventually locked in Tartarus with the rest of them when they lost. With his sister, Thea, he was the father of Helios, the god of the sun, and Selene, goddess of the moon, as well as Eos, greek goddess of the dawn. Hyperion is also a very rare type of double-edged sword that was used in the dark ages. If you look at Seifer's sword you will notice that both sides of the blade are sharpened.

This is one awesome blade. If you have played Final Fantasy 8 this is the one you have to get. Pull the trigger and the hammer goes click, whilst the chamber revolves. If you dont get the concept of a Gunblade come and see me sometime at Armageddon and I will go over the finer details sometime.