Trinity was created by us because we wanted a local source for all that really cool stuff you see overseas but don’t see here in Godzone. Basically we waited to see if someone else would do it and when they didn’t we stepped up to the plate and did it ourselves. The mainstay items of our site are the blades, knives, swords, and all manner of cool looking weapons that have that “JUST GOTTA HAVE” appeal.

Our vision is for Trinity to become is the home of the largest collection of movie, video game, anime & superhero, swords, blades, t-shirts, clothing & apparel and other cool merchandise on the web. While we claim to have movie, gaming and superhero items on this site; that is not all we are going to have.

Here's the deal folks... IF WE LIKE IT….WE WILL STOCK IT. So whether you are looking for Clouds Buster Sword, Riddick’s claws, a Superhero T-Shirt or a Betty Boop belt buckle we can sell it to you.

However it doesn’t end there. If you are looking for something in particular, flick us a message and the chances are we will have thought about getting it or know where to get it from. Even if we don’t actually have it, we will do a search and contact our suppliers to see what is available out there for you, and get it in if you want.