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Bleach - "Sode no Shirayuki" Anime Umbrella

Another in the range of unnaturally stylish Anime Umbrellas. This one is styled on Rukia's zanpaku-tō, Sode no Shirayuki (literally "sleeved white snow") Doncha just love the cool names they make up for these swords? Anywho this umbrella is both stylish and has the unusual ability to prevent you from getting wet in the rain. Try that with a standard katana will ya!!

This good quality umbrella has superb detail which matches the white sword wielded by the ever popular Rukia Kuchiki. Because Sode no Shirayuki utilizes ice to attack, the umbrella is totally white, which is also surprisingly practical in the real world as it allows you to be seen by drivers and other pedestrians more easily in the wet weather.

Rukias sword has been voted the most beautiful of all from the bleach series and the creator Tite Kubo agrees with this assessment.

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