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Umbrella - LED light shaft (Black)

@@ reputedly used in the classic Sci Fi movie Blade Runner I swear I saw them!!!

So when its dark and raining outside, who wants to head out into the weather with a 'normal umbrella? I mean come on normal is for ordinary people and I have been called many things in my life, but Normal is not one of them!

These are quality umbrellas with a cool LED shaft sorta like a lightsabre. The colour of the shaft can be changed at the flick of a switch from blue-red-green-violet or set to rotate and fade through each colour in turn. Oh and it has a cool LED torch in the handle as well.

Black umbrella (approx 1m diameter) 16mm ACRYLIC shaft,fiberglass ribs,plastic handle,manual open powered by 3pcs AAA batteries (not included)

Product code: SU-001-BK

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