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Star Trek - Reverse Bat'Leth

Ok so this 'might' not actually be a Bat'Leth but it is pretty freakin cool regardless. Type Bat'Leth into GOOGLE and these do come up, and GOOGLE is never wrong, right? Bat'Leth or Glaive (?) or just an awesome sharp spiky thing with lots of points and whether it be from Star Trek of World of Warcraft or summit else completely this is a really nice unique piece to add to your collection.

Stainless steel constrction. 35 (and a smidgeon more) inches overall (900mm) and comes with a stand. Bloodwine and Gagh not included. Songs to be composed in honor of Victories yet to be accomplished!!

Product code: C1-889

Listed under Weapons » Fantasy » Axes

Tags: Movie replicas; Sci Fi; Prop Replicas; Star Trek; World of Warcraft

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