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Samurai 3000

This unique Samurai sword is inspired by the futuristic world of 3000 AD in which warriors will fight with traditional weapons constructed by hi-tech craftsmen. This ninjato is sure to give the Ninja who wields it a decided edge in battle! Measuring 36" overall, it features a handle and scabbard made of precisely machined metal parts with a brushed satin finish. The 26 1/16" razor sharp stainless steel blade locks into the scabbard and can only be released by a hidden button on the handle.

Hidden blade release mechanism
26 1/16" stainless steel full-tang blade
Intricately cast futuristic details
Matching futuristic scabbard
36" overall length

Product code: UC1259

Listed under Weapons » Swords » Katanas & Historical

Tags: Dee's Picks; United Cutlery

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