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This tiny silver skull is in it's own creepy way, rather beautiful. And it seem's small enough to slide onto a charm braclet.

A Vampire skull with a dagger though it and a snake wrapped around it. perfect for your aspiring Vampire slayer

If your into Spiders you'll love this one, A rather large spider on a star shaped web.

NOTE: Chain sold separately.

A heart shaped lock for you sweet heart with inlaid turquoise. Beautiful!

Lovely Yin-yang symbol encircled with face details on one half and continous knot on the other. ON SALE - WAS $ 22.00

Wonderful STERLING SILVER Angel Wings, a delight.

Beautiful black stone cross inlaid into a STERLING SILVER setting.

Fairy with Butterfly shaped wings

NOTE: chain sold separately

A fantastically craved scull, very cool. ON SALE WAS $ 45

This gorgeous locket with its black inlayed Stone, Marcasite and CZ crystal will be a wonderful place to put a photo of your Precious!

NOTE: Chain sold separately.