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A wonderfully craved Samurai skull with tusks and teeth bared. ON SALE - WAS $49.00

This gives a whole new meaning to a hand at your throat, Perfect to show those Zombies your not afraid of them.

This tiny silver skull is in it's own creepy way, rather beautiful. And it seem's small enough to slide onto a charm braclet.

A Vampire skull with a dagger though it and a snake wrapped around it. perfect for your aspiring Vampire slayer

If your into Spiders you'll love this one, A rather large spider on a star shaped web.

NOTE: Chain sold separately.

A heart shaped lock for you sweet heart with inlaid turquoise. Beautiful!

Lovely Yin-yang symbol encircled with face details on one half and continous knot on the other. ON SALE - WAS $ 22.00

Wonderful STERLING SILVER Angel Wings, a delight.

Beautiful black stone cross inlaid into a STERLING SILVER setting.

Fairy with Butterfly shaped wings

NOTE: chain sold separately