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OK so hands up all those that can remember the 1989 Batman Film with Micheal Keaton? Keep them up (that stops you typing so no outraged comments lol)This shield is inspired and honors that film and whilst there was no such shield in the film if there was its a safe bet that it would have possibly looked like this, or not......OK you can put your hands down now!

Batman is one of the big three as far as DCU is concerned and arguably one of the most popular Superheros ever. This shield is inspired by the Dark Knight films with Christian Bale.

Batman is the least powered of all the superheros yet somehow he is able to pull through all the battles with little or no damage....we except when he got his back broken by Bane....and when he was 'killed by Darkseid... OK so hes had his fair share of issues but overall he hold up pretty well, but the point is this shield shows the signs of some of those battles and given the damage it recieved it probably did its job of keeping old bats alive.

A Batman Symbol Die-Cut Black Stainless Steel Ring.

* The DC Universe has never looked more wickedly delightful than with this Catwoman 7-Inch Plush!
* Catwoman needs a hug!
* These DC Universe Plush are stylized, cuddly, and fun!

In all her perrrfect perrrple glory


Why so serious?...OK so he dosn't look much like Christian Bale, and I doubt very much if he is as much of a 'potty mouth' as Mr Bale. But The Dark Knight is just so cute you just gotta get one! Very limited quantities for the USA.


Direct from the good old US of A, this is an adorable range of licensed JLA plushies. The Justice League: dedicated to looking after the citizens of the world…one hug at a time! This Justice League Green Lantern Plush is an adorably stylized version of Hal Jordan.

Here's hoping the up coming movie is worth the wait.


The Last Son of Krypton as an adorable plush doll? Well you know those crazy Yanks, they will make anything to sell to anyone. "The Man of Steel" hath become "The Man of Plush."

No product image available

To quote ...These are soooo cute!! (Gratuitous use of exclamation marks intended) Not sure if this one is Barry Allen or Wally West, but given that he is the fastest plush alive(?) get him quick before he is gone. Official licensed JLA product from the States.


DC Universe Wonder Woman 7-Inch Plush :

* The DC Universe has never looked more adorable than with this Wonder Woman 7-Inch Plush!
* Wonder Woman needs a hug!
* These DC Universe Plush are stylized, cuddly, and fun!

The Maid of Might is your today....(and look out any Maxwell Lord plushies that you might have...)