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STERLING SILVER: Rectangular shield shaped earrings with a Cross and Gothic patterns cut into it. ON SALE: WAS $ 20.00 (ONLY ONE PAIR LEFT)

A wonderfully craved Samurai skull with tusks and teeth bared. ON SALE - WAS $49.00

Lovely Yin-yang symbol encircled with face details on one half and continous knot on the other. ON SALE - WAS $ 22.00

Wonderful STERLING SILVER Angel Wings, a delight.

This gorgeous locket with its black inlayed Stone, Marcasite and CZ crystal will be a wonderful place to put a photo of your Precious!

NOTE: Chain sold separately.

This gorgeous locket with its inlayed Mother of Pearl, Marcasite and CZ crystal is the lighter side of it's dark sister! (see Celtic Cross Locket (blk)

NOTE: Chain sold separately.

Love this piece, a wonderful Dragon’s head with great detail, the prefect guardian for your heart. ON SALE - WAS $ 47.00

For all those SHL fans out there. Legion of Superheroes Flight ring. Beautifully crafted.

Super Strength with a Kryptonian appeal , get this Superman ring with Kryptonian lettering on the side spelling the name of Superman.

Become the Crimson Comet in a flash with this Great Flash ring.