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Squeeeeee So Cute Totoro lounging under a tree.

Totoro fans here’s a very cute Totoro face just for you.

Jeweled Snowflake or Starbust what ever you call it, it's a lovely elegant piece to add to your collection.

Jeweled Snowflake or Starbust either way it is a lovely piece.

NOTE: Chain sold separately.

A lovely latice work silver heart which really does say "I love you!" along the edge.

A very magical looking pendant.

A wonderfully craved Samurai skull with tusks and teeth bared. ON SALE - WAS $49.00

This gives a whole new meaning to a hand at your throat, Perfect to show those Zombies your not afraid of them.

If your into Spiders you'll love this one, A rather large spider on a star shaped web.

NOTE: Chain sold separately.

A heart shaped lock for you sweet heart with inlaid turquoise. Beautiful!