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@@@ NEW REDUCED PRICE @@@ OK these swords are LEGENDARY! From the heart-warming story of bloody vengeance wherein the sweet Bride seeks payback on those what wronged her bad, comes these babies. Forged by the Samurai Sword smith Hattori Hanzō, they are said to be the finest blades he ever made. If you are a fan of the Movies (and who isn’t?) then collecting these is a must. You get all three sword and there is no need to fight Bud, or Elle or Bill to get hold of them. And you must know that concidering she knows the Five-Point-Palm Exploding-Heart-Technique, getting the Brides sword was never gonna happen anyways!!

OK so it would be so very easy and tempting to say that this Master Sword is just like all the others, except they are all different! This is the form used in the Twilight Princess game but is the more traditional blue/yellow combination.

Since the screening of the epic films by you know who, set in you know where.....this blade has become iconic. Recent films have shown us how it was found and just how it came by its name. But the fact remains that this is a fan favourite to be sure. Really proud to be offering this one to Kiwi fans. *** NOTE - THIS IS NOT AN OFFICALLY LICENCED PERODUCT ***

Gandalf? Who was he again? Some old dude who was considered a 'disturber of the peace! Oh well short story is he did some stuff, with some other guys and then went away. Not really important in the run of thing I guess, we shall probably never hear from him again I reckon!

Oh and he had this staff thingy at some stage. looks kinda cool! This is not a licensed product