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Another in the range of unnaturally stylish Anime Umbrellas. This one is styled on Rukia's zanpaku-tō, Sode no Shirayuki (literally "sleeved white snow") Doncha just love the cool names they make up for these swords? Anywho this umbrella is both stylish and has the unusual ability to prevent you from getting wet in the rain. Try that with a standard katana will ya!!

Lucky Lips Buckle, A Funcky design.

Superman Red / Silver Belt Buckle

Zelda Hylian Crest Belt Buckle.

STERLING SILVER: Rectangular shield shaped earrings with a Cross and Gothic patterns cut into it. ON SALE: WAS $ 20.00 (ONLY ONE PAIR LEFT)

A wonderfully craved Samurai skull with tusks and teeth bared. ON SALE - WAS $49.00

Lovely Yin-yang symbol encircled with face details on one half and continous knot on the other. ON SALE - WAS $ 22.00

A fantastically craved scull, very cool. ON SALE WAS $ 45

This gorgeous locket with its black inlayed Stone, Marcasite and CZ crystal will be a wonderful place to put a photo of your Precious!

NOTE: Chain sold separately.

This gorgeous locket with its inlayed Mother of Pearl, Marcasite and CZ crystal is the lighter side of it's dark sister! (see Celtic Cross Locket (blk)

NOTE: Chain sold separately.