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A beautiful Spiga (inter-linked rolled) styled chain with a darkened look to it goes really well with any of the pendants with Marcasite in them or with a Gothic and Celtic look. ON SALE - WAS $ 18.00

A beautiful fine flat link twisted chain, really elegant! ON SALE - WAS $ 16.00

A good strong chain, great for large or heavy pendants or nice just on it’s own. ON SALE - WAS $ 30.00

A good strong long chain, perfect for that long layered look or for wearing over jerseys. ON SALE - WAS $ 30.00

Fantastic " Mountain" T's. Excellent Quality. Gorgeous Prints.

BLADE RUNNER An iconic movie; Remember the scenes in the city at night in the rain? Well now you can be like one of those extras walking home in the rain, at night. With your very own light-up umbrella

Your Umbrella has an ubercool shaft with LED lights which allow it to glow with the power of the force whoops wrong movie.

Get yours today!

LIGHT-UP UMBRELLA A very Snazzy(?) looking umbrella for the fashionable geek.

The shaft features LED lights the colour of which can be changed between red,blue,green,purple,white or just fade between all colours. With torch at the bottom of the handle.

Also reported to be waterproof and useful in wet weather.